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Match Time Teams Best Odds Market % +Markets
Wolfsburg vs Schalke 3/4 l 17/5 l 47/10 97.41 +More
Mainz vs Schalke 34/25 l 123/50 l 9/4 102.04 +More
Hannover vs Hoffenheim 153/100 l 13/5 l 15/8 102.03 +More
Koln vs Bayer Leverkusen 209/50 l 137/50 l 17/20 100.10 +More
Hamburg vs Augsburg 9/5 l 241/100 l 89/50 101.01 +More
Borussia Dortmund vs Frankfurt 2/5 l 89/20 l 9/1 99.98 +More
Stuttgart vs Freiburg 47/50 l 133/50 l 33/10 102.05 +More
Bayern Munich vs Hertha Berlin 9/50 l 15/2 l 121/5 100.48 +More
Paderborn vs Werder Bremen 19/10 l 261/100 l 17/10 99.22 +More
Moenchengladbach vs Wolfsburg 8/5 l 129/50 l 93/50 101.36 +More
Werder Bremen vs Frankfurt - l - 0.00 +More
Augsburg vs Koln - l - 0.00 +More
Hertha Berlin vs Moenchengladbach - l - 0.00 +More
Wolfsburg vs Hannover - l - 0.00 +More
Freiburg vs Paderborn - l - 0.00 +More
Hoffenheim vs Borussia Dortmund - l - 0.00 +More
Schalke vs Stuttgart - l - 0.00 +More
Mainz vs Hamburg - l - 0.00 +More
Bayer Leverkusen vs Bayern Munich - l - 0.00 +More
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